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Yahoo! Pillar Underground Club

Rules and Regulations


  1. The Underground Club is for Underground members only.  Do not invite anyone that is not in the Underground.   Do not post a link to the club on your own site, or on any other site.   There will be a general Pillar Yahoo! club in there near future for all other fans.

  2. You may post your own pictures and links to the club.  They must be appropriate.  We reserve the right to delete and picture or link posted to the club.  We reserve to right to kick out anyone posting items that are vulgar, obscene, pornographic, etc.

  3. Respect the other members of the club.  No personal attacks on the message board or in the chat room.

  4. We reserve the right to change the rules and regulations at anytime.

These rules aren't hard to follow, I know all of you can do it.


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