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Wichita, KS  5/11/01 w/ Audio Adrenaline

Travis' last show

Thanks for the memories Travis, we love you and you will be missed.

travis.jpg (70860 bytes)

More Photos

Travis, Rob and Kalel catch some air

Travis and Kalel kickin' it

Can they get any higher??

Brad keeps beat, that's the new guy, Noah in the background.

Brad drumming along.

A good shot of Noah.

Check it out!  The Dove Award!

A good shot of everybody.

Another group shot.

Rob sings his praises to the lord.

Get your hands up.

Kalel up close and personal.

Kalel again.

Kalel, beat that thang.

Kalel and Rob.


Rob and Travis perform for the crowd.

You the man!

Rob in the Air.

Rob and Kalel rocking out.

Travis has some ups.