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A new bio with new questions coming soon!

Full Name: Kalel

Birthplace: Riverside, CA

Birthdate: 8.21.76

Favorite Bands: POD, musically I admire Incubus, Infectious Grooves, and The Urge

Favorite verse: Revelations 20:10

Brand of Equipment you use: Pedula Thunderbolt 5 string bass, carvin amp, carvin 4x10 and 1x18 cabinets, elixir strings, and korg tone works tuner

Best Advice: to accomplish goals in life be motivated, persistent, and look to God because without Him you will not succeed.

Hobbies: Egyptology, emailing every Pillar fan back and keeping fans posted on what's up with Pillar

Favorite Brand of Clothing: whatever somebody gives me for free, shirts from other bands

How do you style your hair? I put this wax stuff in my hair before I go to bed and when I wake up it's neatly styled

Kalel's question: Why do fish food flakes stink so bad?

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My Son, Drue, with Kalel after a show.